Meet Kim

I love this part of a blog.  Where the author tries to make you feel like you really know them after just a few sentences.  Well, I’m not that good of a writer.  Stick around long enough and you’ll see 🙂  But I have been wanting to start this blogging endeavor for a while now.  You see, I get very annoyed with social media when someone appears to have the perfect, altogether, I-never-mess-up-kind-of-life.  First off, it’s not real.  IT’S.  JUST.  NOT….  And if someone tries to convince you otherwise, don’t trust them.  They’re lying and you don’t want that person influencing you anyway.  So, this is my plight.. To be REAL with you.  To be raw, and open, and vulnerable.  To war against the veil of perfection.  So this blog is born out of that desire.  Not to make myself appear whole, but to allow others to see the broken and the ugly, the struggles and the chaos,  and the beauty that happens in the midst of it all, if you chose to see it. 

Nobles 2015-20

Josh and I have been together since we were juniors in high school, and married since 1999.  We traveled around while he was in the Marine Corps, and settled down in the Houston, Texas area a few years back.  I’m an RN, but stopped practicing when the children outnumbered me 4 to 1.  We have 7 children ranging from almost 15 to 3.  Yep, we’re crazy.  To top it off, we only have 1 girl!!  And she’s smack dab in the middle.  Testosterone oozes from the walls of our house, and I’m drowning in it.   We have homeschooled up until this year, and it has been quite a change having them in private school.   Every single day has it’s own dose of crazy, but we chose this life!  It’s a choice we make every single morning.  And by God’s grace, we keep embracing the chaos!